giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

FTTH Conference 2014 in Stockholm

Experience the latest FTTH Solutions and Innovations!   
FTTH is a mass market technology. And it is a driver for innovation!
Join the FTTH Conference 2014 to hear everything on the latest products, innovations and solutions to plan, deploy and operate fibre networks.

Technology Workshop on 18 February
Join our workshop "FTTH Technology: Multifarious Challenges and Innovative Solutions" on 18 February to get answers from our experts on questions like:
  • Which technologies should be selected for both today and in the future?
  • How to plan the FTTH network with a highly techno-economic efficiency?
  • What innovative deployment methodologies could be used, possibly with existing infrastructure?
  • How to solve the last bottleneck - "fibre in the home installation" - in a quick and reliable way?
  • Which technical solutions are applied to provide service delivery, such as Video over GPON, etc., over FTTH? 
See the workshop programme <<here>>.

Experience FTTH in our exhibiton
More than 100 exhibitors will show their latest products and solutions in our exhibition at the FTTH Conference. Discuss with our members about the best solutions for your fibre network and be the first to see new products and innovations in Stockholm.

Learn from the Industry Leaders
Several of our Gold Sponsors will present their latest know-how in the conference. Don't miss our special sessions in the main programme that give you deep insights in the best solutions for fibre networks:
  • Session 3: The Mobile and Fibre Convergence - Why FTTH Loves Mobile and Mobile Needs FTTH
  • Session 6: Latest Trends and Solutions for Passive Fibre Networks - How to Increase Coverage and Save Money
  • Session 9: Connecting the Customer - Latest Trends and Evolutions of Fibre Networks
  • Session 12: Higher Take-Rates and Increased Revenue through Innovative Service-Offerings on Fibre Networks
The full programme with all speaker details is available <<here>>.

Register today and make sure you can join this top FTTH event in 2014!